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Finding quality of life

I am Teresa, David's wife. In 2020, Dave was diagnosed with a third, unique (primary), cancer. His first cancer has metastasized to the lymph nodes. His PSA has continued to rise over the past year.  After a lot of soul searching, David has chosen a more natural path. He left for Hope 4 Cancer in Tijuana for three weeks of daily treatments. We know many of you are concerned for him and we are grateful for your love, your well wishes, and your prayers. I am confident you are contributing to his healing. I truly believe in miracles and I sincerely thank you!

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Death by a 1,000 cuts

This year, Doctors have put a lot of pressure on Dave to make the decision to do chemotherapy. I have come to the conclusion that this is...

“Hurry Sickness”

Since the middle of November, we have been in and out of crisis mode but for the last three weeks, we are calming down and beginning to...

New Year, New Hope

The new drug combination seems to be working. David’s strength is improving, the Oncology Doc said on Friday, as far as remission goes,...

Some improvement!

Wednesday evening was the first time in six days that Dave was able to get up on his own. We had a small but nice Thanksgiving and each...

And then there were four

Last month, Dave chose to have his body checked to screen for skin cancer. A couple or spots were removed. And to our surprise, one...

Free Cancer Documentary

One of the books that transformed the way Dave and I are thinking about cancer is "Cancer, Step Outside The Box" written by Ty Bollenger....

Perfecting the schedule

It has been a whirlwind. Once Dave’s package arrived from Hope4Cancer, I was busy trying to create a weekly schedule. We continue to go...

Adjusting to a new normal

We are still waiting on David’s overnight package to arrive from Hope4Cancer. I am sure weather created the delays. And a moment to just...

The last therapy day

Is it not always the people that have provided your care, day and night that make all the difference? Uriel, pictured on the left, is...

A big day for Dave

Prayers and well wishes for healthy normal blood levels are what we'd like to affirm today. David will have his last blood testing today...

Whole Body Hyperthermia

Another daily treatment David receives is whole body hyperthermia. He is placed in an insulated chamber with his head outside. The body...

Two weeks complete today

On Monday, Dave started a therapy he'll be bringing home with him. It's called Sunivera immunotherapy. He is learning to inject himself...

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Oklahoma City, OK

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