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Dealing with Disappointment

Life has changed. Work has been extremely busy and sadly, we suffered the loss of my Father. Dave had his follow up visit in Tijuana. He went alone again but this visit was just a few days. Once again, waiting, I sat on pins and needles. The results were good and bad.

Trying to deal with the disappointment of the results created an emotional roller coaster. I think it hits us, each at different times. Handling our frustrations, our hard work and dedication to healing then getting bad results, made us question everything. Sometimes I wake up in panic, my heart starts racing and I have to focus on breathing, slow and deep, to regain the calm I need to try to rest. And I think to myself, ‘I wish I could take away the pain and the worry that Dave must be feeling’.

And when I do not think I can take it anymore, I am reminded of the grace of Spirit. The messages start coming in. I see another cancer success story. I read another article and realize that there are still more therapies we can utilize. I also remind myself that Dave started a therapy that has not had time to work. Remembering that natural healing can be slower but ultimately, the natural therapies are lasting.

Dave worked diligently on his therapies. The tangible ones, the vitamins, the nutrition, the light, heat and ultrasound therapies but the one area he hasn’t focused on healing is mental, emotional work. Changing his mind, is the most difficult work ahead. The focus and power of belief challenges most of us. We have worked on this to some degree, we continue to listen to health podcasts, and we watch Gaia TV. Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza are a couple of our favorites. We have learned that our gene mutations are only a problem if you are not giving your body what it needs. They teach about how the real work and the magic is in our epigenetics. Our mRNA is the sheath that surrounds our DNA, it is what locks up, or down regulates, our genes. We give it what it needs, we create a healthy body.

To enhance our energy work, I have found a 37th generation acupuncturists in Oklahoma City. In the “Proven” series that I recently watched, a reoccurring theme of successful, heavily studied, and documented treatments was the miraculous practices of Chi Gong and Acupuncture. Master Kim has written a book on cancer. He believes that cancer and all diseases are created via accidents or surgeries of the past which disrupt the Qi energy flow.

We continue to believe that Dave can be healed, and we believe we are doing it. We get test results every six weeks (up to two weeks to view them). We certainly realize all life challenges have highs and lows. We will not give up, we are still breathing, and if your expectation level is low enough, you can have a lot of little successes on your life journey.

Lastly, Dave met a woman from Edmond at his Hope 4 Cancer follow up visit. They had three things in common, cancer, both at Hope4Cancer and their Oncologist. She shared with him that she was uncomfortable with the Oncologist talk of biopsies, surgery, radiation and chemo. She expressed her concern and the Doctor’s response: “We’ve been doing it this way for 35 years”. And both Dave and she said, ‘that sounds like the problem’. We haven’t learned anything in 35 years? For me, it is just another coffin in the allopathic medical system. Don’t they realize that computer programs are eliminating their positions? What I am witnessing, Doctors are no longer allowed to think critically and have to follow the illness protocols dictated to them via Big Pharma, Insurance Providers, and now, our government officials, rather than their gut feeling, their scientific background, and their Hippocratic Oath. So, we move forward regardless.

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