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Staying in touch

Moving to Oklahoma City, we are back where we started. Leaving Upstate New York was hard on David. He left his family, lifelong friends, and his passion, working on Muldoon’s racing team, but as his mother, Marge said, “it’s only fair, you’ve been here for 22 years”. Those words removed the guilt I felt as we were leaving them in the last years of their lives. That was hard too. And they have passed on. God Bless them.
I have been on numerous educational journeys throughout my adult life. Leaving Oklahoma for so many years forced me to become independent. Dave never discouraged me. From meditation, hypnosis, transformational breath and traditional Flying Star Feng Shui work to working through my own healing crisis’. All these years, I feel like I’ve been ‘laying crumbs’ so to speak, and I’m ready to support him without question.
I created this blog to encourage David. Feel free to comment and leave him messages. It’s a place for him to come without the ugly distractions of social media. I believe healing your body is as much psychological as it is physical. Dave always rises to any challenge. This one is the biggest, his most difficult battle and your love and support creates the healing energy he needs to achieve his goals. From the depth of my heart, thank you.

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