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Free Cancer Documentary

One of the books that transformed the way Dave and I are thinking about cancer is "Cancer, Step Outside The Box" written by Ty Bollenger. It provided resources I had not seen anywhere else but mostly, a broad range of cancer research, exposing the industries truths and all the different types of therapies people are using to not just put their cancers into remission but also cure themselves.

If you listen to Ty's story, most of his family members were lost to cancer.

They are producing a new documentary. If you sign up for it, you may view the pre-recorded interviews for 24 hours for free. If you would like to look it over, here is the link:

Most importantly, if you have been concerned about cancer, even if you aren't able to attend each day, the amount of valuable information you can obtain from these events is incredible. If you know someone who may want to attend the online documentary, please share our link or link them to this post. One thing I can guarantee, changing the way you think about cancer will be critical in your recovery!

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