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New Year, New Hope

The new drug combination seems to be working. David’s strength is improving, the Oncology Doc said on Friday, as far as remission goes, 'he is not in remission, but he is heading that way’. For us, it gives Dave more time to figure out why he was a co-creater of his cancers.

The current cancer philosophy is that 90% of cancer is due to lifestyle which means they are only linking 10% to genes. If genes are least likely to have caused his cancer, what most likely contributed to it? This is the question that has been haunting us but it also gives us hope, if you have had a part in creating disease, can you not change that trajectory?

That is why with a cancer diagnosis, you have to change everything. You must understand that your daily life has most likely been toxic from how you live in your home, to what you are putting into your body (not just food). What data are you choosing to put into it? What are you listening to? What are you watching? What are you reading? What are you smelling? How much electronic noise are you surrounded by? How healthy is the environment in which you are living in? What are you putting on your body? What type of materials are you wearing on it? What are you cleaning with, bathing in, slathering on it and what foods do you put into it? Who do you choose to socialize with and how do you feel about your co-workers? How happy is your married and family life? How new is the home, furniture, flooring or fixtures and could they be off gassing or harboring molds? Or how old is the home, has it had water damage, a crawl space, a leaky roof? So basically, it is complicated. Would you not agree?

Our latest clue is molds. Dave was to do heavy metals and mold testing when he came back from Hope 4 Cancer, but we had difficulty finding someone to do the testing properly. The heavy metals test had to be done again so we are waiting on those results, but the molds came back from the lab, and he has a couple bad ones in the penicillium family which happens to be carcinogenic.

We also have been listening to mold summits online. We found Doug Kaufmann at who believes that prostate and ductal breast cancers are really detecting molds in the body. He said that mold likes to live in pockets in the body and he has worked with Physicians and given mold protocols to the prostate and breast cancer patients and within about six weeks, the mass is gone. That would be a miracle if we could kill the molds which could be circulating PSA cells and restore Dave’s health.

Mold investigating is what we

are busy doing and we are getting ready to watch a mold masterclass. In your prayers or meditations, please see Dave’s PSA at a level “0” and his blood markers all coming back into balance. That is our focus, along with full remission and a successful discovery of why Dave is experiencing cancer. And once again, the last message I would like to leave with you is to wish you and all you love, a very happy, healthy and wealthy 2022 and a heartfelt thank you for caring about us. We are forever grateful for your support. You are a gift to us.

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