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And then there were four

Last month, Dave chose to have his body checked to screen for skin cancer. A couple or spots were removed. And to our surprise, one biopsy of the tissue samples came back with a Melanoma Insight 2 on David’s arm. We are grateful that it was considered a level 0.

Yo Pablos
Yo Pablos! Tacos and a Vodka Soda, delicious :)

What is most alarming to me is that neither of us including the Dermatologist thought he had anything to worry over. I think what is important here, is Dave felt like he should be concerned, and he listened to his body and took action.

We are in outpatient surgery today. He will return in three days for either, a closure or more surgical removal. To make sure they have excised it all, we wait on patho-

logy and should have an answer on Wednesday. The Surgeon also explained that we must make sure it isn’t deeper. This type is the least aggressive but does like to move and catching it early is key for a full recovery.

Once again, this is a reminder, if you worshiped the sun, like I did when I was young, make sure you have yourself screened routinely. This is something that I still need to do too. From now on, Dave will be seen for a screening every six months.

Even though we have added a new cancer to his list, we continue to focus on healing our bodies. Dave continues to listen to Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton to encourage change of thoughts. We do take breaks from our healthy eating to enjoy life a bit. I've included the first selfie that Dave and I have ever done. We had a late night outing to Yo Pablo's for a Quessabirria taco, we highly recommend. Since Dave’s health updates keep our stress level rather high, I am grateful for your prayers and the healing energy work so many of you continue to send our way. Thank you, bless you and I’ll keep you informed of his progress.

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