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“Hurry Sickness”

Since the middle of November, we have been in and out of crisis mode but for the last three weeks, we are calming down and beginning to really relax. On Friday, Dave had another blood test. His Oncologist said he wants his PSA under ten before he can stretch out testing to every six weeks. His PSA is down to 34 and we all had to admit, we were a bit disappointed. We try to be patient, but we want the relief of remission.

We keep investigating and working on changing our thinking. We continue to focus on detoxing, re-building strength, and we work at finding rich varied nutrition. To further assist him, we are waiting for another consult to go over recent labs, (the heavy metals test came in) to decide what changes we may need to make in Dave’s diet. We continue to try to understand our relationship with mold and how we can reduce those pathogens that are wreaking havoc on Dave’s immune system. It is a big, complicated subject and I keep trying to wrap my brain around it.

This morning, I read an article about a disease called “hurry sickness”. Ironically, since Dave and I slowed down to put all our focus on our health, it has allowed me to see more clearly, how tightly tuned we were to the energy of our first world problems. Stress, rushing, squeezing in, one more thing, was how we have lived our married lives. Now, I feel like we were just existing and not really living. And I catch myself thinking, how did I allow myself to fall into this modern-day trap? Even more frightening to me, how long it has taken us to unwind and re-educate ourselves to a less toxic lifestyle. Old habits truly are very hard to break!

In closing, I would be so grateful, if you will pray for David to be able to sleep and rest well every night to allow him time to fight the fatigue created by the drug therapy. We hope this therapy allows us time to heal his body at a molecular level. And we would really love to see a zero PSA again. We pray we are blessed with this outcome. Sending you all love.

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