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Plant medicine, chemo or both?

Two months ago, we went from slow to no progress with Dave’s PSA numbers. His Oncologist offered two options: the aggressive approach or quality of life. Of course, chemotherapy is on offer with the aggressive choice. While hearing this, we both were shocked, I lost my mind, Dave was frightened and confused. Doctor’s do not have time for care and compassion, and we felt pressured and opted to give it a month to think about it.

I think I cried for a week as we dealt with this mental blow, but I go into search mode and remind myself there is always another alternative to try. I suggested to Dave that we consider giving RSO a try. RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil. Canadian, Rick Simpson has written a book about his experiences as he had a serious melanoma condition that he healed with this oil. At the time of writing his book, he had seen over 5,000 various types and stages of cancers that he helped to treat with incredible results. He claims he has seen an 80% cure rate with even stage 4, post-surgery, radiation and chemo, we cannot do a damn thing else for you, and yes, I said the word ‘cure’.

The controversy here is that RSO is made from Marijuana. Although it was in my planning bag of tricks, it really was not an option while Dave was working because it is potent, and it would not have been safe for him to use it and inspect. Now, almost retired, we felt it was time to start this option. I had the book, the product, I just had to learn the making process.

It takes a lot of plant material to make very little product, but I feel better knowing where, what, how and when it was made. It is as clean as it can be. We are putting it in a capsule, and we make suppositories too. The nice thing about the suppositories is that it bypasses being processed by the liver, and you do not experience the head high. Dave uses them during the day, and he gets a capsule too in the evening. After about three weeks of RSO treatment, just getting up to a full dose, he had his blood work done. He went from no movement in two months to a drop of 8 points of his PSA. His CBC and other blood markers improved as well.

To me, cannabis is one of God’s healing plants. It was demonized by clever chemical companies and made illegal. Can it be abused? Of course it can, but so can sugar, energy drinks, etc. We can no longer ignore the healing possibilities of food and plants. They are serious medicine. They just are not patentable.

I am grateful, Dave’s last results gave me hope that we are going in the right direction. More plant medicine is in the works. Dave and I are driving to Tulsa to see a Naturopathic Doctor to learn more about another promising plant to use for healing his body. If you would like to learn more about it, visit

We have been busy and I would like to leave with you some photos of the project we have been enjoying. It has been a lot of work, we had to have help with it. If you want to start creating more food in your back yard, I know a guy. He is so fantastic and talented; I would like to adopt him. His name is Paul and he is the angel that taught me how to make RSO and I am forever grateful not only for the plant love but the caliber of person he is as well. Cheers to good health, incredible friendships and loving one another!

Our continual work in progress.

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