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Home therapies: SPDT or Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

This is an FDA approved therapy for some cancers such as skin, esophageal and stomach cancers. Germany is a leader in this type of therapy. It has been used at Hope4Cancer since 2004 as part of their nontoxic treatment approach in combination with other forms of cancer therapies.

Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy Ultrasound Machine for cancer treatment
Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy Ultra Sound Machine

Each Thursday evening, Dave ingests a small vial called SP Activator (it comes from algae). We store it in the freezer, then it is taken in a dark room and held under the tongue (sublingually) for assimilation within about five minutes. This sensitizer can be absorbed by cancer cells while healthy cells reject it. Then, he is exposed to light and sound at certain frequencies initiating many molecular reactions, literally causing explosions of free radical oxygen to blast and destroy cancer cells. I really love the sound of that!

Cancer makes its own nasty blood vessel delivery system. It makes ugly, malformed, vessels and cells that have no programmed cell death which only reminds me of how smart it is. Therefore, I understand why you cannot just have one approach when treating cancer. With therapies like SPDT, it invokes our innate and our adaptive immune systems and disrupts tumor angiogenesis creating an extremely uncomfortable cancer environment.

In tandem with this therapy, Dave uses a near infrared light each morning, he is in a far infrared sauna three nights each week and every night we use this ultrasound machine to send cancer destroying frequencies into his body to the tumor related areas. David will continue this for a full year.

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