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Perfecting the schedule

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

It has been a whirlwind. Once Dave’s package arrived from Hope4Cancer, I was busy trying to create a weekly schedule. We continue to go back to the literature provided and adjust again. Some of his vitamins have required a step up in dosage. Some therapies work in tandem with the vitamins or other therapies. It is a continual process of monitoring, adjusting, and controlling the schedule.

Each morning, Dave starts with his near infrared heat lamp. During that time, we have been watching the channel, Gaia. Our focus is choosing what type of information we want to program ourselves with. We have watched some amazing documentaries, learning about how our bodies work, how our minds affect our health and delving into quantum physics. Changing old habits is not easy, but we understand that our old habits have created disease. Our focus is creating a healing environment for us. We cannot change what is happening in our world, but we can change ourselves. Starting each morning with healthy programming has been a peaceful and welcomed change.

Dave has met with two Doctor’s locally. We are waiting on more blood test results and will be meeting a new Oncologist and will find a Hepatologist or a gastroenterologist to further explore what is happening with his liver health. Some numbers have stabilized, and others are high or low. The last blood was taken on Monday, the 8th of March, and we are still waiting on the results. Choosing to not feel the stress of test results can be a challenge.

I will share more information about his daily therapies in future posts. In the meantime, Dave is back to work and feels great. He has been committed to healing his body, reversing disease, and restoring his health. We are focused and believe that Monday will provide positive blood test results. Minimally, he has stabilized the disease process and that is powerfully encouraging.

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