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Death by a 1,000 cuts

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This year, Doctors have put a lot of pressure on Dave to make the decision to do chemotherapy. I have come to the conclusion that this is all they have to offer. However, this very lucrative option comes with challenging results, according to Dr. Thomas Lodi, who shared this dirty little secret about chemo. Apparently, it doesn’t destroy circulating cancer cells. After hearing this again, I am amazed at the limitations they operate under but more than anything, I am appalled that we have let Doctors be some type of God in our culture.

How can any person spend five to fifteen (if you are lucky) minutes with you and think they know how to medicate or treat you? Is it about time that we face it, Doctors have their head in your electronic file and barely know anything about you. You have symptoms, they medicate them. And we are okay with this?

Dave has followed the Prostate Cancer Research Institute, for more than a year. Dr. Eugene Kwan seems to be the most influential in allopathic care for prostate cancer. It took months to get an appointment with him and we finally journeyed to Mayo in Rochester, MN early September for another second opinion. I am always amazed at how allopathic Doctors jump to the treatments they want you on regardless of viewing your journey. To make it easy, here are the bullet points:

  • PSA went up 5 points, you are on the wrong treatment recommended by MD Anderson

  • Xtandi crosses the blood brain barrier and can really wreak havoc on down the line, we do not allow it on our campus and the only way we can get you off of it, is if you go through Taxotere treatment, a chemo drug. Dave will have to try and complete a course, success or failure will make him eligible for the latest and greatest treatment.

  • We need to do more DNA testing because it may reveal other drugs available to use. (We still have not seen any results)

  • You have a 30% chance with this course of treatment

  • They pretty much guarantee the side effects, but we recommend you look into an ice cap and ice bags for hands and feet to try to prevent the neuropathy.

  • And lastly, they couldn’t find any active cancer on the PSMA cancer screening but we did see the scaring of it all over his bones from the past. There could be something active in the lymph nodes.

I was thinking ‘do they all trash talk each other, how can I trust you and are they not capable of looking at Dave as an individual?’ As I stood there, thinking about how hard it was for us to make this journey (too many responsibilities at home and the expenses of it all), tears just rolled down my face. Medical care is as cold as it comes.

To travel safely and to protect our family, we schedule Ozone and Oxidation IV’s when we return home. If we have picked up anything along the way, we want to kill it and most importantly, we do not want to share it. Then we visited another alternative cancer treatment Doctor.

Dr. Joseph Lim, DC at Full Circle in Edmond, OK, offered Dave two excellent suggestions. One, we began that day with 50mg of K2 & 5000 mg of Vitamin C. The big expensive treatment that he offers has a 50% chance of full recovery even at the late-stage Dave has experienced. He has done some Photodynamic therapy with curcumin. Dr. Lim suggests he take a different photosenthisizer drug or compound (much stronger than the curcumin) and he has you do daily treatments for one week. The photosenthesizer attaches to unhealthy cells and they kill the cancerous cells with lights. Dr. Lim has had incredible success with this treatment. The downside, of course, is the $15,000. cost. The treatment is on the Governments cancer website. It is approved for several different cancers, just not David’s type, yet.

Then we returned to see Dave’s local Oncologist who encouraged us to wait on the chemotherapy treatment until after the holidays. That was a big surprise, he laid another truth bomb on us that made us feel like he might actually be on our side. He is a quality-of-life Oncologist, and that is why we sought him out as he said he would work with us in respect of our feelings. Is this not basic human decency? We should not forget that!

Dave’s PSA did creep up a bit but has settled right back down and is at 14. We are so grateful. We did enjoy a vacation as we returned to Syracuse in September for Dave’s 50th high school reunion and had a wonderful time with family and friends.

We continue to change things up every few months. There is always another therapy to try. Our reality is constant detox. Dave continues to work out, listen to inspirational speakers, change his mind and programming, eat nutrient dense foods with a focus on veggies, nuts, fruits, vitamins, to offer support and block pathways to help him detox at a cellular level. We cut back on the Ozone IV therapy to once a week and he may be ready to try every other week. Coffee enemas and infrared saunas are very important. He continues RSO (really helps him with his sleep) and Mistletoe. Cancer is a cold disease. Heating the body is a powerful way to weaken it.

Dave and I were listening to Dr. David Minkoff last night, who said that you can kill cancer by just continually weakening it, like a death by a 1,000 cuts. We looked at each other and said that is exactly what we are doing! Dave is so much stronger. He rarely takes naps anymore. Dave says that 68 is the new 48. He feels better now than he remembers feeling. You all are reading this because you know him, and I leave you with, if Dave can change his life, I want to remind you, so can you.

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Kathleen Ruggio
Kathleen Ruggio
Dec 08, 2022

Dear Dave & Teresa,

It was so good to hear from you again. I pray your struggles are not in vain. Know that we are thinking of you both and that the Lord guides your steps and those of the Drs. that are helping you. Our prayer is that you both have a very blessed Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. Sending love and light to you both. Lots of Love, Bob and Kathleen Ruggio

Teresa Svedman
Teresa Svedman
Dec 08, 2022
Replying to

Thank-you Kath, I hope you are healing too!

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