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Adjusting to a new normal

We are still waiting on David’s overnight package to arrive from Hope4Cancer. I am sure weather created the delays. And a moment to just send love, as our hearts and prayers go out to those in Texas that seemed to have suffered the most in the latest weather mishap. In the meantime, we have been trying to do new therapies at home, read through the literature provided, and finally create a new schedule.

The lab results are confusing to me. More odd numbers but most of them are heading in the right direction. One of the new therapies is a castor oil pack on Dave’s liver for an hour three times per week, preferably in the middle of the day. Lol, we will see if we can make that happen, but we never really know what is possible and I am always open to possibilities.

Adapting and changing are important parts of this healing process. What already feels the most difficult is preventing us from falling back into the old patterns of thought and action, that took us down this health disaster. I think we must work on the little things like, not grabbing the mobile phone the moment your eyes open or turning on “the news” which are two examples of negative ways to start your day.

It is great having Dave back home. We have a long road ahead of us and this is my reminder, it really is a one day at a time process and when I cannot handle that, I remember, that right this moment, I can take a deep breath and I can be in this moment, control my life, my emotions, my health and my happiness, it may take a little extra work but I am worth it too. Moving forward!

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