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The Ups and Downs of medical testing

Dave has been experiencing what would be suspected as some type of reoccurrence. But on careful examination, we are not so sure. To rule out a very aggressive small cell mutation, he had a bone biopsy last week. Of course, we waited on pins and needles for test results, and they always come later than what they project, making the wait almost heart wrenching. As much as I try to bring calm and peace into my body, when getting the call, my hands shook while the doctor said, “well, I guess it is good news..” Due to the noise, it was difficult to hear all that he had to say, as we were at a biotech health conference.

Last Monday, was Dave’s bone biopsy. On Wednesday, we were on the train to Ft. Worth for the conference. When we received the news, either way, we felt like we would be in a very supportive environment. In April, Dave’s PSA had a slow rise from 13 up to almost 20 for about 12 weeks. Then it went back down to 13 and then six weeks later 11. He was feeling good before the PSMA Pet scan. He works out two to three times each week and is very active every day. We are very mindful about diet and nutrition. We are consistent with our natural therapies and we continue to work in our little garden. It has been a bit of a learning curve, especially in Oklahoma weather and soil conditions. We do a lot of research and education as there is so much to study about on the subject of the body and health.

At this point, we are planning on sending Dave’s biopsy samples to an independent lab for testing. From my research, it seems we may be making too many assumptions when it comes to medical testing. Dave feels really good. He did take a break from the Rick Simpson Oil. We are working on getting the RSO built back up into his system. It makes such a difference in his sleep; he also can get giggly before bed which I believe is about the best medicine you can actually buy or make.

In the meantime, my health took a nosedive at the end of last year which has caused many changes this year. I also have experienced the most incredible healing journey and really what I call “my miracle”. I will share my health changes in another post in a few days. My journey and the changes we made, may have been what is truly affecting Dave’s testing results and I believe he may be close to his miracle too.

Life is so beautiful, in this moment now, take a breath of light and life into your body and release anything that is no longer serving you. We are all a part of divinity. I believe God places a divine spark inside each of us. Grow that energy into your body and feel your connection to everything. Sending you all love and thank you for your prayers and well wishes. We are truly blessed.

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