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We are loving new in-home therapies

Updated: 17 hours ago

Hello friends,

I have not abandoned this blog, I have just been working hard to heal our bodies and prefer not to bore you with too many posts. Dave and I are in Park City, UT on a new healing adventure but I thought I would first update you about the new therapies we have added this past year.

This is our CO2 suit, lol. It looks ridiculous but you suck the air out of it and fill it with food grade CO2 and this incredibly warm gas bathes your cells, forcing vasodilation to create greater oxygenation, which also assists in removing waste products from your body. It is a gift to the parasympathetic system.

I have to share, for me, the negative sides of this therapy include, the difficulty of getting in and out of the suit alone and the CO2 tank is too heavy for me to handle. Dave manages it all very well on his own. With that said, we really love it. I have read there are breathing options available now too which may be easier to manage. This unit is called the Body Stream.

Another incredible addition to our routine is the inhalation of Brown’s gas. Dave sleeps with it most nights. I use it during the day while working, reading or relaxing. It is a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen, and it bleeds in through a nasal canula at about 2% with room air.

We purchased an Aquacure Model AC50 machine because we really appreciate the creator, George Wiseman and the quality of this unit. He offers a one year 100% money back guarantee too! It is a more budget friendly machine and really is a work horse that is built to last. It has required maintenance every 100 hours of use and because hydrogen and oxygen are combustible, there is a learning curve with using a product like this. You need to do your research. You can link to the product we use above. I recommend it, it is an amazing device. Not only can you produce Brown’s gas to inhale but you can also produce Brown’s gas infused water to drink. He has also built in the ability to change the frequency of the water.

Another added bonus, my plants seem to really love it as well. After using the system for up to ten hours, you dispose the water it bubbles the gases through and I share that with my plants. It does require distilled water, but Mr. Wiseman also sells the best water distiller I have ever used.

For my Lyme diagnosis, my Doctor prescribed Vitamin C IV’s. He sells packages of them. They have become very popular but they are extremely expensive. I have to be honest, I don't like being poked and my veins have some damage now. I gave them up quickly. They create redox reactions in the body. In February of 2023, the product that helped me with excruciating discomfort is called Asea. It is a bio-tech company out of Salt Lake City, UT. Like with IV vitamin C that creates redox, Asea is redox molecules, which are innate to our body. To put it simply, these redox reactions help our cells communicate on a cellular level.

As we age, we make less of these molecules and this company has cracked the redox code, placing trillions of tiny molecules in each bottle. Education is the key here, and you need to commit to a 90 day treatment schedule to truly understand the benefit for your own body. If you are dealing with aging, or dis-ease, or just stress, you may want to start learning about how this product could benefit you. My 90 year old Mom, does not miss taking two ounces, three times a day. Her testimony of the product is equally amazing.

Check this out. About 10 am, Monday, May 13th...

My before and after’s from a little mishap I had the day prior to flying. A large bottle of olive oil fell from a storage shelf (about five feet) onto my foot. In the first photo, the damage was the size of a half dollar. Putting my feet up on Monday, was not in the packing plans for travel on Tuesday. Even worse was the thought of flying and all the walking needed through airports.

I texted my very talented Naturopathic Doctor, Cathey Painter who suggested I apply Renu28 on it three times, in five minutes, every thirty minutes. I put my foot up and did use some ice and some self-hypnosis but wow, the second photo is about 5 hours later, greatly improved. The last photo is Wednesday only about 52 hours after the initial event. It is still a wee bit tender to the touch but I had just taken my shoes and socks off. And I've been on the run! Renu28

  • Relieves pain without odor or any drug interaction.

  • It soothes tired muscles, great for athletes or kids with growing pains.

  • It is my tension and headache preventer, as I keep it on my desk and rub it into my neck and temples if I began to feel stress.

  • Wonderful for bug bites or any skin issue.

  • Are you are paying for oxygen facials? Imagine having one a couple of times a day on any part of your body in the privacy of your own home, at a fraction of the cost.

  • It is an anti-aging as it tightens, brightens and firms the skin and look what it did to reduce the swelling and bruising on my foot!

  • To call Renu28, a miracle gel, is almost selling it short. I bathe in it after I shower as it is powerful for the lymph system too, so cover your body making sure you use it on your chest and armpits. I have not been sweating for years (obviously due to health challenges, I remember when I just sweat from one armpit). Asea and Renu28 have restored by ability to sweat again. I believe this is a powerful product.

  • Renu28 brings the blood to the surface to up to 49% which is why it helped my foot so much! The studies are coming in and they are proving why we love it.

  • If you are familiar with the Nrf2 antioxidant response element signaling pathway, Asea improves it by up to 60% upregulating glutathione production by up to 80%. For the science geeks, use this link. For most of us, this is easier to read on the pathways it is impacting. Asea Taueret Laboratory study.

Honestly, I cannot think of anything it won’t help with. … a wonderful thought, I know.

Here is the link to purchase the Renu28.

Pardon me, I get a little excited about it because it has changed my quality of life and I will never go without it. Should you have any interest in it, email, call, or message me, and I will be happy to discuss it further. The company holds seven patents, and over 1000 trade secrets and it is sold in 33 countries around the world. Sorry about the sells pitch, it is just really that good and I have felt guilty not sharing it with you and feel a responsibility to shout it out to the world now. It changed my life. If you feel inclined to purchase, thank you in advance, not only is it helpful to us, I know it will help you too.

Lastly, Dave remains very stable. We had a very big scare last year but after meeting with the second opinion Oncologist who said “Something is happening, and I really think you need to keep up what you are doing”. It was such a relief. As you all know, Dave is truly fighting the good fight and engaging his body, mind and spirit to win back his health. And look at how good his color of skin is now!

Next post... details on our new adventure and why we chose Park City, UT. As always, we will be keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers and are so grateful to your positive and loving energy urging Dave's success.




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