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Finding quality of life

I am Teresa, David's wife. In 2020, Dave was diagnosed with a third, unique (primary), cancer. His first cancer has metastasized to the lymph nodes. His PSA has continued to rise over the past year.  After a lot of soul searching, David has chosen a more natural path. He left for Hope 4 Cancer in Tijuana for three weeks of daily treatments. We know many of you are concerned for him and we are grateful for your love, your well wishes, and your prayers. I am confident you are contributing to his healing. I truly believe in miracles and I sincerely thank you!

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Daily IV therapies

From the day that Dave arrived, a B-17 IV was his first treatment. He receives the it almost every other day. Other IV therapies include...

Online Cancer Symposium

I thought I would share this link for a free educational cancer seminar. Currently, in our lifetime, with the statistics of one in two...

Detox via coffee enemas

Yes, I've done them. After a few treatments, I found myself saying, I've been drinking coffee all wrong. Used for over a hundred years,...

Day 7, one week done

Dave recently had an abdominal ultrasound in the US. The test was repeated twice in Mexico as the Doctors found what they believe is a...

Day 5

On Monday, a new therapy was added to Dave's routine. It's called Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation (UVBI), in which they remove up to 100...

The power of prayer

It's Sunday. Today, I felt I was ready to publicly share David's health struggles. We do not like to share ugly personal details about...

Day 3

Today, Dave received one of the most exciting therapies, Photo Dynamic Therapy Plus. As you can see, they used three different colors...

Day 2

More Testing, therapies and a subclavian port Dave's anxiety over choosing to go to Mexico for his cancer treatment has been really...

Arrival to Hope 4 Cancer

David met Phillipe as scheduled when arriving in San Diego who helped him collect his bag and transported him across the border. His...


It has been nerve racking looking at therapy options, researching clinics, speaking with different Doctors, while trying to find funding...

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