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Day 5

On Monday, a new therapy was added to Dave's routine. It's called Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation (UVBI), in which they remove up to 100 ml's of his blood from his subclavian port and they treat it with ozone and ultraviolet light and then return it to his body.

This therapy was used in the 1940's for various diseases. For Dave, the benefits include:

1. Improves blood circulation and oxygenation potential

2. Reduces inflammation

3. Stimulates immune system

4. Improves metabolism

5. Combats pathogenic microbes

6. Reduces treatment side-effects

7. Oxygenates the blood

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Feb 04, 2021

Thank you! And you are on my prayer list too!


Greetings from Arkansas!!! Terry and I will be praying for you, Dave, and your family, too.

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