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"Crisis forces evolution"

Do you change your habits or have you become a part of your own creation of toxic sameness that most of us seem to produce? I believe there is a comfort in routine but what happens when a medical crisis hits?

I've been watching "Initiation" on Prime video. I haven't turned on a news program for months now. When I walk into a room with it on, I become nauseated. Understanding and connecting to the feeling that things, places, and people, manifest in your own body is a powerful tool. I believe we should all desire to pay attention and connect to our feelings. It's a matter of self preservation as those feelings truly create health or disease in your body.

In cancer treatment, your attitude is as critical as your physical needs. Dave is taking a break from the news now too. Do we really need to allow modern journalist propaganda open reign on our thoughts? We try to really educate ourselves about current events but when you are healing, it's time to turn it off and heal your mind and body. My focus is to daily feed my mind because that action, calms me and feeds my body in return.

Dave is half way there today. Many new patients have arrived this week creating a busier schedule but David says he 'is in the routine now and although fatigue is setting in, he is feeling well'. In my life, crisis truly has created evolution and it seems Dave is making that connection too.

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