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The power of prayer

It's Sunday. Today, I felt I was ready to publicly share David's health struggles. We do not like to share ugly personal details about our lives, I am sure no one does. We have been dealing with his cancers for over eight years. In 2019, Dave had a second unique cancer. I thought I'd loose my mind about it. In 2020, another new cancer, how much can a person take? Some things are just too big. I had been realizing that I needed to surrender. If you know Dave and me, then you know we don't give up. We always power through and we make it happen. That word 'surrender', almost sounds foreign in my brain but I needed to surrender to allow others in and to accept their help.

Last night, I listened to a podcast interview of the founder of Hope4Cancer and he talked about studies that have been done on the power of prayer. I have found and reviewed several but thought this one on heart patients was important because the caregivers, nor the patients, knew that anyone was being prayed for.

There are several studies done in different countries revealing the importance of religion in healthcare outcomes. It seems even more effective when the patient is a believer and know they are being prayed for.

Prayer is powerful. Thank you all, for your part in David's healing journey. It is the truth that lights the way and lays the foundation of faith for compassionate, loving, healing energy. God bless you for taking the time to put David and me in your thoughts and prayers. My heart is full of gratitude to you today.

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Feb 04, 2021

Thank you, Leann, for your beautiful testimony about your friend.


You are absolutely correct. I have a friend who has beaten very bad cancer diagnoses three times. She said she surrounds herself with positive everything - books, scripture, music, everything. She also claims her healing before she is ever healed. This last time when we all found out she was sick again she said, "I have been healed by the stripes of my Lord." And - she was.

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