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Online Cancer Symposium

I thought I would share this link for a free educational cancer seminar. Currently, in our lifetime, with the statistics of one in two men and one in three women will have cancer, do you think this is an epidemic? Would you agree that it may be time to educate yourself on prevention?

Now that cancer researchers are beginning to re-visit that cancer is a metabolic disorder, there are so many things you can do to create a healthier home environment. If we work to clean our home's air, drink clean pure water, consume organic, non GMO whole foods, minimize EMF exposure and nurture our minds and bodies, hopefully, we can stop the sneaky ravages of cancer before it begins or stop it's progression.

This event is a free online seminar. You'll also be able to meet the founder of Hope4Cancer who will be interviewed as well.

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1 Comment

Feb 08, 2021

I'll be watching today. Hope you plan to too! Let's stop cancer before it starts the difficult reversal it can create.

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