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Whole Body Hyperthermia

Another daily treatment David receives is whole body hyperthermia. He is placed in an insulated chamber with his head outside. The body temperature is raised to 102 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit. They hope to raise overall body temperature to 101 - 103.

Dave receives oxygen and a nurse places a thermometer in your mouth every 15 minutes to safely control the temperature. Hyperthermic conditions can impact the destruction of cancer cells. Cancer can't live in fever conditions.

Heat is used in different ways throughout his treatments, the whole body hyperthermia, near infrared heat, near infrared saunas and ultrasound. Dave is waiting for a biologic dental assessment, had a lymphatic body massage last night and is doing very well.

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1 Comment

Patricia Saternow
Patricia Saternow
Feb 11, 2021

Yikes - hopefully he is not claustrophobic! Kidding - so glad they are taking such careful monitoring

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