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Dealing with emotional trauma

At Hope4Cancer, they look at all the aspects of a patient's life, including mental health. Through this process, David has several Doctors, one MD focuses on mental health and stored emotional traumas. While he is cleansing his body, issues have began to arise and he is beginning to deal with those feelings.

As I've been listening to the Global Cancer Symposium, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy discusses how stress shuts down the immune system. She suggests that you don't own a diagnosis but consider it a warning sign. She believes a healing crisis can signal danger but it is also an opportunity to wake up and take care of your health. She believes that focusing on root causes is important to understand and address.

David had a new test a few days ago. They would take his temperature while he was in a very cold environment. It was mapping acupuncture meridians. Allergies, immune deficiencies, two teeth were problematic (he'll see a biological dentist), heavy metals and prostate cancer were all high. He will be further tested when returning to the US for allergies that may be triggering immune difficulties. As he begins to understand, healing requires communication via all body systems and the bottom line is, don't forget to pamper your emotional body too!

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